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Shown below are examples of my seascapes  paintings. Many are local painting but there are also paintings that I was inspired to do after returning home from visits to other places Left click to enlarge.

Catalina Casino

Oil on Canvas

8x10 $250


Oil on Canvas

8X10 $350


Oil on Canvas

8x10 SOLD

Avalon Harbor

Oil on Canvas

11x14 $350

Waiting SOLD

Oil on Canvas

8x10 $350

Rocks and Foam

Oil on Canvas

40x30 $1500

Ocean Trails Sunset

Oil on Canvas

30x30 $700

Ocean Trails Beach

Oil on Canvas

36x18 $600

Cabrillo Beach

Oil on Canvas

30x16 $350

Royal Palms

Oil on Canvas

24x24 $500

Lunada Bay

Oil on Canvas

30x24 $500

McClures Beach

OIl on Canvas

24x20 $500

Muir Beach North

Oil on Canvas

24x16 $400

Point Reyes

Oil on Canvas

24x30 $1000

Point Fermin

Oil on Canvas

20x24 $600


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